Planned Giving

There are a variety of planned gifts you can establish during your lifetime to make a difference in this ministry after your death. Here are some of the more popular giving tools you can use to make a lasting difference in the ministry you care about after your death.

When you choose to establish a legacy at Lutheran Homes of South Carolina (LHSC) Foundation, you’re ensuring that you will make a difference in the lives of others for many generations to come.

Leave a Legacy

Here you will find a variety of information to help make your charitable decisions. Planned gifts can enhance your financial and estate plans by providing an immediate or deferred gift to the ministries of Lutheran Homes. 

We are available to work with you to draft a gift plan for your unique situation.


The most popular way to leave your legacy is with a bequest through your will. Improve the lives of others for generations by choosing to give:

  • A percentage of your estate,
  • A designated amount of money,
  • Specific property such as stocks, bonds, or real estate,
  • Part or all of your estate,
  • A blend of any of the above.

You may choose to make your bequest unrestricted or to establish an endowment to provide a perpetual gift for the community or program of your choice.

Charitable Gift Annuities

Through a charitable gift annuity, transfer cash or marketable securities to a charity and receive a fixed income for life. Because the rate of return is determined by how many beneficiaries are listed and their age, older donors may find that the gift annuities greatly enhance their income.

Along with a tax deduction, a portion of the income is received tax-free, and at the end of the beneficiaries’ life, the remainder of the gift is used according to the donor’s wishes.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

When a donor creates a charitable remainder trust, the separately-managed trust provides the donor and/or beneficiary with payments for life or for a predetermined time. The trust may pay the donor a fixed amount (annuity) or a percentage of the fair market value annually (unitrust). Charitable remainder trusts can be funded by cash, stock, bonds, real estate, or personal property and may have tax advantages.

Upon termination of the trust, the remainder of the trust is donated to the charity of the donor’s choice such as the LHSC Foundation.

Life Insurance

Life insurance policies are appealing to many people because policies make large donations possible with a modest premium payment. You may choose to name the Foundation as a beneficiary or you may give the policy to the Foundation.

By donating the policy, you will be entitled to a charitable tax deduction equal to the cash value of the policy. If you continue to pay annual premiums on transferred policies, those premiums may be tax deductible each year.

Retirement Plans

Retirement plans allow donors to leave a planned gift while also leaving other assets to family and friends. With the proper designation, funds can be allocated on a tax-free basis instead of being largely consumed by income and estate tax liabilities. In fact, many retirement assets can be conveyed at the plan holder’s passing by simply making appropriate beneficiary designations for each retirement plan.

Innkeeper Legacy Society

Our Innkeeper Legacy Society recognizes living friends of Lutheran Homes who have planned to leave a legacy through their will, charitable gift annuity, charitable remainder trust, life insurance policy, or their retirement plan. These Legacy Innkeepers show their compassion, care, and eagerness to ensure a high-quality of life for LHSC residents, clients, and patients.

We encourage individuals and couples who have established a planned gift to make the Foundation aware of their plans. You may choose to remain anonymous or give your name to be included in the roll of the Innkeeper Legacy Society.

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