The Golden Rule

Written by Frank Shepke, President and CEO
Published on May 13, 2024

We do live in contentious times right now with wars around world, headlines fueling feelings of anger and rage and people judging and hating each other because they don’t agree with the things they do or say or how they look. It is so easy to jump on social media or some web site to dig dirt or information and use it as ammunition to justify meanness, or prejudice or even self-righteousness about an individual.

What isn’t so easy is to take a minute before we start slinging rocks and arrows and making judgements about people before we really get a chance to know them for who they are and not our preconceptions or judgements based on snippets of information.

Jesus knew this with his message of wisdom and kindness for the ages and left us with what we commonly call the “golden rule”. It’s not always easy to follow, but it is important to try and do so every day as we always have the choice to build either walls or bridges in this life. 

Therefore, the next time you get some information or make an observation about someone, which makes you mad, or critical or cynical, maybe it would be good to take a minute and reflect before you judge lest someone else judge you in the same way. God bless and keep it Golden!